Manami Ishimura was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Ishimura completed study the BFA degree at Tama university in Japan, will graduate from MFA degree at Texas A&M Corpus Christi in 2018. Her works have been exhibited at Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 3331, Denchutei, Tama Art University gallery, Ginza Seido gallery, and so on. Also Her works have been displayed art fairs in Art Kyoto, Art Osaka, and Aosando Art Fair in Japan. Ishimura participated Biwaco biennale in 2016 in Japan. Also, she has participated the artist in residence at Yumikobo in Okayama. In the residency, she demonstrated how to make a ball of sand with a traditional skill of a Japanese plasterer. On the other hand, she has organized and coordinated her group exhibitions in Japan.

Before coming to the United States, Ishimura’s art works are made from organic materials and artificial ones; glue, resin, and plastic. Ishimura uses these contrasting materials and their relationships to represent the essence of “existence” in-between the inanimate and the organism: life and death, substance and emptiness. The divide is connected to each other with a beautiful natural dynamism. To express the dynamism, her process uses repetitive movements as a method to create a representation of a meditative-like state.

Since being in the United States, Ishimura’s works have been involving social and cultural elements. Ishimura believes an appreciation of the beautiful dynamism in-between self and others can settle social and political issues.