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Tension #1-4

Leaf, polyurethane resin, HIDPE, Brass, acrylic,  and steel

49" x 24" x 24”


The series of Tension is inspired by the practice of stonemason. When stonemason carve a stone, they explore the points to meet a “life” in a “void” solid mass. In Tension, found natural objects are soaked in resin and carefully measured by pointing tip to find a tension between a void and a life. Following this gesture and aesthetic, my studio practice searches for the boundary between naturalness and artificiality, embracing and delineating the struggle of the division between the two.

Sen #1

Tree branch and acrylic board

15.5”x 16”Wx 4”D


Sen #2

Tree Branch and Acrylic board

16.5”Hx 14”Wx 4.5”D


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